READY TO EAT – Grouper Soup 500ml


Hybrid Grouper Fish Bone Soup 500ml (98.04%)
Salt (0.49%)
Sole Fish (0.29%)
Pepper (0.1%)

In Apollo, we fully utilise every part of our own farmed groupers and leave nothing to waste. While we developed and launched the new Ready-to-Cook and Eat grouper series, we now also have the Ready-to-Eat (RTE), instant ready, grouper soup, boiled purely from the bones of our hybrid groupers ้พ™่™Žๆ–‘. Our grouper soup is low in salt, suitable for people of all age. You can use it as a soup base, for steamboat and even porridge. Easy, fast and convenient.

Cooking instructions
Heat up the packet in boiling water for 3 minutes and itโ€™s ready. It can also be used as a soup base for your steamboat.