The Business


The Apollo Aquaculture Group (AAG) pioneers modern vertical aquaculture system and it boasts an engineering team that has the capability to install and fabricate customized systems for fish & shrimp cultivation. Coupled with the know-how in food fish rearing, this synergy allows AAG to improve the quantity and quality of production.

Technology For Urban Sustainability

With technologies incorporated, our farm has less reliance on resources. This makes our farming more sustainable and which has much less impact on our environment. Some of the innovative technologies we have integrated to our farm are a remote monitoring and control system, fish and crustacean health monitoring and management programmed, and a multi-level water treatment system.

Farming With Technology

Marine water is key

Marine water is of the utmost importance to us, because without the right marine water, our seafood will not be able to live, let alone thrive. AAG identified Urban Farming is the best solution for sustainable and renewable water resources.

Marine Water Treatment

4 Level disinfection system

We created a 4 level disinfection system in our farm to provide the cleanest environment possible, thus creating high quality and safe seafood.