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Apollo Marine Seafood

is an accredited urban farmer of fresh seafood from Singapore. Producing sustainable seafood, without antibiotics or growth hormones.

100% clean and healthy

The seafood we culture are reared in the cleanest environment we can provide. Protected by 4 stages of filters and nano-level disinfectant system that is also environmentally sustainable, we bring you fresh-tasting seafood free* from pollutants, antibiotics and growth hormones.

FREE from pollutants

at the nano level

Our disinfectant system is a 4 – step filtration system that cleans the water at the nano – level, ensuring that the seafood for you and your family are from well-cleaned waters.

Serving your family

The healthiest seafood nature has to offer

Our seafood is free from any added antibiotics and growth hormones. No artificial biochemicals means giving your family the best nature has to offer.

One of Singapore’s pride and

Most advanced urban seafood farmer

We work with industry experts and specialists and employ advanced technologies available for urban farming, protecting our seafood from threats such as algae blooms and oil spills.

* Negligible amount